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Please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Phone:  +1 610.639.0965

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AXON Research

11823 Kim Place

Potomac, MD 20854




AXON Research serves its clients through use of a partner network, broadening its operations to more locations:


Boston, MA

New York, NY

Philadelphia, PA

La Jolla (San Diego), CA


AXON Research also partners with firms to offer key services of added value to our clients.


Quality Services:

Trans-Continental Quality Assurance (TCQA)


Clinical Site Archival Services:



Part 11 is Still Here

FDA is still expecting compliance with Part 11.


What they are really expecting is that electronic data are trustworthy and reliable... 


and can be used with the same degree of confidence 
as paper.

We Can Eat our Cake 
...and Have It, Too!

Our seminar series Designing Systems and Processes for Electronic Data shows how to realize higher productivity with electronic data while retaining the advantages of paper.

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